Tash Marshall Bean



We offer a full consulting program or stand-alone sessions that will “amp-up” your studio performance.

Topics include:

  • Musicality and programs
  • Playlist making and managing (finding epic music!)
  • Back to the bike (power/strength/interval ride)
  • Party on a bike (upper body/core/weight integration)
  • Beats based programs
  • Matching music to movement
  • How to teach with a big voice
  • Building teams and creating teamwork
  • Making clients feel like a welcome guest
  • Proper cueing during class
  • Effective BPM management
  • Keeping clients engaged
  • Pre-class engagement, post-class interaction
  • Meeting, greeting and exiting
  • Social media and how to promote your classes and studio

A Glimpse of a Weekend Training

It is because of Tash’s tireless mentoring that our team continues to grow and improve. Tash is my #1 mentor for BodyPump and RPM instructors – an impressive feat when you take into consideration the RPM and BodyPump talent in this region!
Erin Cullingham

Regional Manager, GoodLife

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