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Energized Teams

A fitness studio requires teamwork! We will work with you and your team to create energized, highly skilled and customer service focused team members. Spin, Indoor Cycle and Group Exercise.

Happy and Excited Clients

Group Fitness is more than just Instructors and music. We can teach you how to deliver excellent programs that create raving fans who will love your business!

Great Business Practices

We will work with you and your team so that from the moment your client walks through your door, they feel amazing and have an outstanding spin, yoga or group exercise experience including lobby and retail sales.


Without a doubt, I can honestly say that MODE would not be even close to what it is today without Tash’s involvement. It didn’t even cross my mind to NOT reach out to Tash when I was opening Mode Fitness. It was either happening with her or it wasn’t happening at all.

Tash has this profound gift of creating synergy within a brand new team. She focuses on personal strengths and ensures everyone feels comfortable. I’ve experienced this from both the operator lens and the instructor lens. Years ago, Tash trained me and took me from knowing absolutely nothing about a stationary bike to operating my own studio! It’s a vulnerable thing- to become a spin instructor and Tash doesn’t take this lightly. She holds nothing back. She willingly and lovingly gives you ALL of her tips and tricks to be the most successful studio possible. Her knowledge base has some serious depth. I knew I could ask her anything about running a studio from instructor engagement to the sound system!

Tash helped me build our instructor team and has also stayed on with us to provide ongoing coaching and encouragement. Tash’s dedication to her craft is unbelievable and I am SO grateful to have this master with me on this crazy journey.”

Morgan Linehan, Operator, Mode Fitness Studio – Calgary, Alberta

Tash – you taught me everything I know about indoor cycling, musicality, safety and being tough and fair on that spin room stage! You are an amazing coach (and friend) and I would recommend you to anybody looking to up their spin game.”

Heather Andrews, Founder, Wheelhouse Cycle – Ottawa, Ontario


As I sit on a plane and reflect – I can’t help but feel super grateful for this Wonder Woman! I’ve only known her a short while but Tash brings out the best in people and wants everyone to succeed. She’s a superstar trainer that has inspired me to continue to create what lights me up!
“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Tiffany Shelton, Owner, Oasis Hot Yoga & Spin – Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

“Tash is crazy good at what she does. She has this ability to connect with each instructor and push them to be their best. We have put all of ourselves into this studio and Tash does the same. She has a genuine interest in ensuring that we will succeed. Even though the training is complete, she is still checking in to help out in anyway. I am so glad we met Tash and know we would not be where we are without her. We will definitely use her again and feel we have found a true friend. Thanks Tash!”

Dave Horner, Alex Wood, Owners, Ryde RD – Red Deer, Alberta

Working with Tash has been a great pleasure…even when she was kicking our butts on the bikes. Tash brings amazing energy, and worked hand in hand to make sure we delivered a program that meets our needs and was also up to her standards. Ultimately putting forth a program that makes sense for the instructors to teach, and is a lot of fun for the clients to follow.
We will definitely be working with Tash again soon!”

Hardeep Brar, Owner, SpinHouse – South Surrey, British Columbia

“Hey Tash! A quick message to thank you again for your commitment and dedication in helping us become the FAB instructors we all are! Yep….I’m bragging….coz its ALL YOU!! Without your coaching and support, we all wouldn’t be where we are. MOOOOAAHH!!.”

Anabelle Deguz, Cycle Instructor – One CycleCalgary Alberta

“Ryde YXE opened its doors on Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon in February 2016. Throughout the developmental stages of Ryde YXE, we new the success of the studio depended largely on location, but more importantly on the product being offered. While touring other indoor cycling facilities, one name consistently was passed on in regards to instructor training and program development, Tash Marshall Bean. After an initial introduction, and a 50 minute class, we knew we had our mentor. In January 2016, Tash began her 40 hour training program preparing our Ryde YXE instructors to step out of their comfort zones and become the leaders their clientele would come to expect. This was no easy task. Tash was able to tap into each instructor’s abilities and have them motivating a room of peers on a technique new to Saskatoon. Needless to say, as Ryde YXE owners, watching our vision become a reality was a humbling experience. Tash’s passion for her profession transfers through to those she trains, and comes through in each Ryde YXE class taught. We have taken a proven method and put it into practice on a daily basis. It is this formula, and the means in which it is instructed, that has pushed Ryde YXE to where we are today. We are extremely grateful to have Tash as a member of the RydeTribe and extended Ryde YXE family.”

Shaina Lynden & Brandie Mustoe, Owners – Ryde YXE – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Words do not do this powerhouse justice, her presence and aliveness are difficult to capture and praise in a few sentences. She has a magic about her that connects individuals on a soulful level, her intense passion for teaching and for life is nothing short of infectious. I truly believe I was lead to Tash and her brilliantly designed program as it has been a life changing experience greater than my wildest dreams. If you are thinking about hiring her, don’t and just DO. 

Her guidance and 24/7 support /availability in itself is priceless. She has provided me with the most helpful counsel, not only as a spin instructor and community leader, but as a new business owner. She willingly shares her years of knowledge and experience with the most genuine of intentions. Her heart is kind, her determination and dedication, unwavering, and generosity overwhelming. She truly has answered her calling and provides a program that is, in my opinion, designed universally and with the most accessibility for all to partake in and enjoy.
She is a guru, a best friend, a mentor, a biggest fan. She inspires by shining her light so bright it sparks in others a wild fire of joy and connection.
I have had the privilege of learning from her experience and expertise, which I believe have provided me with a solid foundation from which I am building a community that spreads her essence. Hiring Tash has been hands down the most impactful decision in the success of my business. The love she shares and support provides is what makes her irreplaceable as well as the most cherished part of this journey to studio ownership.”
Love you long time

Danika Desaulniers, Owner, Wheel Fit Co. – Cold Lake, Alberta

For my professional development both as an owner looking for similarity in Instruction and as an Instructor I immediately went to Tash. With her experience, passion and dedication working in the industry and with other boutique spin studios, I knew she was exactly who I needed to help me understand what it was I was looking for.  Her method is bang on, and her personal energy just gets you so excited to put it into place.  She really drives you to be the best you can be.”

Jordan Law, Founder, Spinunity – Edmonton, Alberta

Tash is so much more than an instructor trainer.  She is a cheerleader.  A persistent supporter.  She becomes an integral part of your studio and finds just the right balance between providing direction, and letting you (the owner) take the lead. Tash has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in everyone and her limitless energy is fuel for the exhausted studio owner. She has a program that works, a systematic implementation process, a winning attitude, and the practical experience to bring it all together.”

Debbie Davis, Co-Owner & Emcee, FLO Yoga & Cycle
Getting Asses to Classes since 2017

“I came from a numbers based program and Tasha Marshall Bean’s program completely transformed me!! Such an amazing feeling teaching with just the music!! No gear no rpm. Just you, the bike and the music. Loved it!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

Andrea Amiot, Co-founder, The Attic Spin Studio – Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

“Ever since I started thinking about opening a studio, I just knew it had to be Tash that did our training! We had never met, I had only followed (stalked) her on social media, and the passion and enthusiasm she had for spin just radiated out of her. From the very first phone call we had, I knew in my heart I needed her. She is complete fire! Tash has a zest for life that not many people have, and it shows in her work. Her programming, playlists, her drive, she makes everyone around her want to be the best they can. She is caring, knowledge and pours her heart and soul into every studio, which is amazing. Tash is your biggest cheerleader and is there for you every step of the way, going above and beyond, even after she has finished the training!! She has the ability to push people past their comfort zones, and become their best most badass selves. Tash is truly one of a kind, and I am so grateful for her constant love and support throughout our journey and for helping us bring our love of spin alive in Kamloops!”
Thank you, we LOVE you most!

Samantha Gibson, Owner, K Spin – Kamloops, British Columbia

“Fit Republic’s first year was amazing, we were building so much momentum and having so much fun! Then our world literally came crashing down around us. After having our studio flooded and completely destroyed having being open less than a year we were devastated. Being shut down for close to 3 months hurt us in so many ways. I knew I needed something special to get us reinvigorated after such a hard hit, and I knew exactly who to turn to. I immediately called on Tash to help us rebuild. We needed to  re-establish our client base and our instructors. In such a trying time with so many factors to deal with I needed help! Tash knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Well rounded in all areas of studio life she made a trying time, one of the best times. Always there in business and as a friend, she was a critical part of  us getting back on track and continuing to grow stronger and stronger even through the set back. Thanks Tash”

Jane Tallick, Founder, Fit Republic – Calgary, Alberta

“Working with Tash really allowed me to become the most confident I have ever been on the bike. Her training allowed me to let go and just be free, to truly feel changes in the music. I can literally listen to any song and teach to it without having to memorize and practice it days on end. I have also noticed a huge change in my ability to just express, express the way each track makes me feel, and in turn allow those who ride my class to channel their inner ability to succeed and grow each time they ride with me.”

Meeca Tuttroen, Team Leader, Ryde YXE – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Ever since I contacted Tash 6 months ago, she has been an active and vital part in helping me open up a spin studio and continues to help tremendously even to this day. She provided tips about hiring, contracts, studio design, bike choice, shoe choice…basically everything I could possibly ask for! Whenever I needed a second opinion she was always a text or phone call away. I could not wait to get started training with someone who clearly new the industry inside and out. Once training weekend arrived, she impressed me to a whole new level. She created an encouraging team atmosphere from the first minute she walked through our doors. She made us want to work hard for each other and help each other succeed as spin instructors.  By the end of our second training weekend, we were a little spin family! She left us feeling prepared and confident to open our doors to the public, which was only one week away. Tash taught us customer service and how to treat our clients in a welcoming, inclusive manor. She was amazing at teaching us how to do front desk duties and even helped with our software! I am so grateful to have had someone like her on my side while opening my spin studio. I will definitely be getting her back in a few months to teach us more and help us grow so we can continue to rock the spin community!  I am so proud to be able to use the #trainingwithtashie hashtag! We love you Tashie!”

Bailey Popowich, Owner, Inner Cycle – Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Tash is one of the most motivating people I have ever encountered! While we already have an amazing team of instructors at Lagree YYC, I engaged Tash to work on bringing our team to the next level. After our 3 hour workshop this is what I noticed: our instructors are making more of an effort to interact with the participants throughout the class by using their names and complimenting them on their form and/or encouraging them. They are using a greater variety of motivational and instructional cues throughout the class; cues that were discussed during the workshop. Our instructors are also making more of an effort to use voice intonation to motivate participants. All of these tools help make the experience more meaningful for the attendees. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tash as a consultant for any fitness studio striving to improve the experience for their members.”

Kimberly Rothenberg, Owner, Lagree YYC – Calgary, Alberta

“Tash Marshall Bean has been such an inspiration. She is so likeable and charismatic. This beautiful woman has changed my life to become someone better, not just on a spin bike but life in general. She taught me to be me because that is who people love and want to see! She is a leader. Tash has done amazing  things for me and will do anything for you. I can call her my friend and know I can talk to her whenever I need! Truly amazing!”

Teri Nimegeers, Co-founder, The Attic Spin StudioMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Strength, dedication, community, passion and drive. These are just a few words to describe Tash. I am honoured to have received my instructor training by this amazing woman. I believe Tash is the BEST instructor/trainer in Calgary. There are many successful studios in Calgary and they all have one thing in common… yup, you guessed it, Tash Marshall Bean and her incredible training philosophy!” 

Tyler Blaney, Instructor, The Sweat Lab – Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much! You did it, you opened 2 studios in 3 months time. I’m so proud and ever thankful to you.  I don’t know how this was ever going to be possible without you.  You are my sunshine every single day. Today was so emotional.  Such a beautiful and tiring day!”

Elmira Barry, Owner, One Cycle Spin Studio, Hot Yoga on Crowfoot/Spin Studio – Calgary, Alberta

“When Tash came to our wee mountain studio I remember thinking “This woman has some serious mojo!!” Uniquely, that is just what the Soar crew needed. She brought all of our instructors together as a team, energized us & taught us heaps on & off the bike!! Forever grateful for the fun amp up weekend & cannot wait to do it again down the road! Up & up!”

Vanessa Avery-Willems, Owner, Soar Cycle – Fernie, British Columbia

Tash is the Program Director and Head Trainer at both One Cycle and Spin on Crowfoot and develops our spin family. In other words: Tash whips us into shape. She makes our instructors better and primes new ones to board the party boat to spin island. Tash, our Captain, has a generous heart and generous voice that will dare you to be anything less than your best.”

Joanna Majcherkiewicz, Marketing, One Cycle Spin StudioCalgary, Alberta

September 2017, I decided to expand my studio and open up Soul Ryde which would be Vernon’s First Boutique Indoor Cycling Studio. I was determined to have it up and running by January 1, 2018. With my fitness background, I knew the KEY component to making this a success was finding a trainer that could train my team to deliver the BEST Ryde classes in my city. Tash was referred to me, plus I also did some online research, and she looked like she would be the perfect trainer for my team! I reached out to her, and because of my small time frame, she was accommodating, and did everything she could to deliver 2 amazing weekend trainings for my team.

Tash brings passion to the bike, and her teaching style is educational and fun. She genuinely cared about my team, and still follows up to see how everybody is doing and how things are going. My success was important to her. That means everything as a studio owner. Soul Studio members are raving about our classes, all thanks to her!

Investing in proper training is so important, and I would highly recommend Tash to anybody opening up a Cycling Studio. Invest in proper training, because the results are priceless.

Sareena Nickoli, Owner, Soul Studio Vernon, British Columbia

Tashifying some other studios is only going to benefit them and the people that go there. You are an inspiration and your spirit is second to none in the fitness industry..humility with contagious energy and fearless commitment to your clients.”

Laura Blain, Client, The Sweat Lab – Calgary, Alberta

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