Tash Marshall Bean


Tash Marshall Bean


Indoor Cycling and Fitness Studio Consulting

The Authentic Instructor Training Program is a unique, personalized, and hands-on approach aimed at empowering you, your instructors and your studio to achieve success. We work along side you and your instructors to ensure all of your studio’s individual goals are achieved.
A fitness studio requires teamwork! We will work with you and your instructors to ensure that each team member is focused on motivating, inspiring and building-up each and every member of the studio.
We will work closely with your instructors to ensure that from the moment your client walks through the door, they feel amazing and have an outstanding experience throughout the entirety of your studio. Working together to deliver an exceptional experience for all is critical.
Group Fitness is more than just instructors and music. We will teach you how to connect with clients and create a welcoming environment. By doing so, you will inspire your clientele to engage with and promote your studio (both inside, and outside of the studio). This will lead to an expansive and loyal client base.

Energized Teams

A fitness studio requires teamwork! We will work with you and your team to create energized, highly skilled and customer service focused team members. Spin, Indoor Cycle and Group Exercise.

Happy and Excited Clients

Group Fitness is more than just Instructors and music. We can teach you how to deliver excellent programs that create raving fans who will love your business!

Great Business Practices

We will work with you and your team so that from the moment your client walks through your door, they feel amazing and have an outstanding spin, yoga or group exercise experience including lobby and retail sales.


Without a doubt, I can honestly say that MODE would not be even close to what it is today without Tash’s involvement. It didn’t even cross my mind to NOT reach out to Tash when I was opening Mode Fitness. It was either happening with her or it wasn’t happening at all.

Tash has this profound gift of creating synergy within a brand new team. She focuses on personal strengths and ensures everyone feels comfortable. I’ve experienced this from both the operator lens and the instructor lens. Years ago, Tash trained me and took me from knowing absolutely nothing about a stationary bike to operating my own studio! It’s a vulnerable thing- to become a spin instructor and Tash doesn’t take this lightly. She holds nothing back. She willingly and lovingly gives you ALL of her tips and tricks to be the most successful studio possible. Her knowledge base has some serious depth. I knew I could ask her anything about running a studio from instructor engagement to the sound system!
Tash helped me build our instructor team and has also stayed on with us to provide ongoing coaching and encouragement. Tash’s dedication to her craft is unbelievable and I am SO grateful to have this master with me on this crazy journey.”

Morgan Linehan, Operator,
Mode Fitness Studio

Calgary, Alberta

Our studio wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Tash! Tash traveled to our little town and helped us create the most amazing community. The majority of us had never even been on a spin bike before and were at all different fitness levels. She brought us all together, taught us the “how to”, motivated us, inspired us, and helped create a TEAM. Everyone who has met Tash knows that she is amazing at what she does. What I didn’t expect was that the support wouldn’t end after the training weekends. Tash is always checking in and is always a phone call or text away to help in any way she can. Myself and all of my instructors feel so comfortable reaching out to her for extra help. We recently had an AMP UP weekend and had the pleasure of getting to work with Tash’s associate, Danika. Danika is just as knowledgeable, motivating, and inspiring! Thank you, Tash and Danika, for believing in us and helping our little dream come true!”

Shay Chubb, Founder

Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

I am comfortable and confident in saying that Kollektiv Cycle would not be what it is today without Tash. From that very first phone call, I knew that my dream would become a reality with Tash by my side. Not only did she support me at every moment through the, at times, extremely taxing process, but her partner Charlie also offered his expertise and input in critical phases. Day or night, they were there and made me and Kollektiv Cycle a priority.

Tash’s passion and incredible knowledge are unparalleled. Our motivators are top notch and their energy is infectious, all a direct outcome of being taught by the absolute best.

Much love Tash! You are truly one of a kind and I am so thankful that our paths crossed!

Sabrina Moore, Owner
Kollektiv Cycle

Medicine Hat, Alberta

To say Tash’s program/training changed my life is a understatement… this year was full of many many challenges as I watched a sibling battle a illness, and tragically lost my Dad. I was left feeling overwhelmed and defeated and then Tash waltzed into my life when I needed her… before I even knew I needed her!! She has a way of pushing people out of their comfort zones, and making you feel like you can accomplish anything!

I feel like I have known Tash my whole life and definitely count my blessings twice when I count her. If you ever have the chance to take her indoor cycling training or jump into one of her spin or lagree classes do it … I promise you won’t regret it!


Alex Piquette, Owner
Wheel Fit Co

St Paul, Alberta

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