Tash Marshall Bean



Are you an individual Indoor Cycling or Fitness Instructor looking to “amp-up” your skills or overall class performance? We offer one on one private coaching to help you!

We start with a confidential review of your class, followed by a feedback session and personalized one on one coaching sessions.

Do you want immediate feedback? Simply send me a video of your class and I will give you positive implementable feedback that you can use for your very next class! Click here to learn more!

Coaching is available at a location of your choice including your studio or home location.


Hey Tash! A quick message to thank you again for your commitment and dedication in helping us become the FAB instructors we all are! Yep….I’m bragging….coz its ALL YOU!! Without your coaching and support, we all wouldn’t be where we are. MOOOOAAHH!!

Anabelle Deguz

Cycle Instructor, One Cycle

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